COCOA EYE BUTTER (2218456678503)
COCOA EYE BUTTER (2218456678503)
COCOA EYE BUTTER (2218456678503)
EYE BUTTER (2218456678503)
COCOA EYE BUTTER (2218456678503)
COCOA EYE BUTTER (2218456678503)


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The skin around our eyes is delicate and requires special care. This treatment is deeply hydrating and packed full of cocoa butter, vitamin c, carrot seed oil, and other healing plant-based oils.

In the evening, dab gently onto skin under and surrounding the eyes. for external use only. perform a small patch test first and keep out of eyes. 

Berlin Skin 
Made in the USA

organic cocoa butter: healing, hydrating, protective, anti-aging, full of antioxidants. 

organic coconut oil: antibacterial, anti-fungal; softens, hydrates. 

carrot seed oil: lightening, healing, protective; full of antioxidants

organic rose hip seed oil: moisturizing, rejuvenating, protective; anti-aging. 

organic aloe: healing, moisturizing; full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

vitamin c: firms, protective; can promote collagen growth.

evening primrose oil: anti-aging, hydrating, healing, anti-inflammatory. 

chamomile: soothing, full of antioxidants.

organic gotu kola: promotes collagen growth.