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Complex Oils
Complex Oils
Complex Oils
Complex Oils
Complex Oils

Complex Oils

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Complex oils add concentrated benefits to your face oil. Choose yours based on what you want to achieve with your skin (eliminate breakouts, calm redness, get a glow).


15 ML/0.5 fl oz

How to use complex oils

Step 1: In the morning or evening, prep the skin by cleansing it and applying toner and/or serums.

Step 2:Add 3-4 drops of Blueberry Seed Oil to the palm of your hand or mix with your moisturizer.

Step 3: Message into your face

Blueberry Seed Oil
American Blueberry Seed Oil is a light but strong conditioning oil that’s great for all skin types. Especially if your complexion is undergoing stress from travel or lack of sleep, Blueberry Seed acts like an antioxidant-rich smoothie. Apply it for a super-charged glow.

 Meadowfoam Seed Oil
Canadian Meadowfoam Seed Oil is non-comedogenic and packed with antioxidants. Ideal for mature skin, it is great for plumping and anti-aging. Its creamy colour and consistency inspired us to nickname it the liquid marshmallow—also because it makes your skin oh-so soft.

Organic Evening Primrose Oil
Evening Primrose Oil is sourced from China and has a pretty golden hue. While excellent for all skin types, it is particularly useful for those experiencing hormone changes. Its omegas and antioxidants naturally balance your skin, so you can put your best face forward.

Organic Rosehip Oil
Chilean organic Rosehip is wonderful for all skin types, and is especially effective for those that are sensitive or acne-prone. Its beautiful peach colour makes it a joy to use, while its antioxidants, vitamins, and omegas make it a true reparative powerhouse.

Raspberry Seed Oil 
Chilean Raspberry Seed is a golden oil that is beneficial for all skin types. Thanks to high levels of Vitamin E, it helps protect from sun, smog, pollution, and more. Anti-inflammatory and restorative, it rejuvenates dull, congested skin for a beautiful, even complexion.

Sea Buckhorn Oil
Chinese Sea Buckthorn Oil is purifying and potent. That means it’s great for fighting acne, or for anytime your skin needs a little detox. It’s bright orange in colour, so we suggest only using a small amount; that’s all you need to get this cleansing oil’s benefits.